141 East Grand Avenue

Originally built in the early 1900s, this 14,000 sq ft historic location used to be a billiard hall in the 1920s. After that, it was a general store, a supermarket, and then finally a fabric shop. With the lease signed, we will begin construction end of summer 2020. Progress will be posted as it is made.

Located on Grand Avenue in Escondido,  Good Omen hopes to revitalize the enjoyment of mead, as well create a positive impact within the City. With a comforting atmosphere, we will offer a variety of tapas, to pair with our signature sherry-style mead. All in house production will take place in the lower level of the establishment, with the potential space for a mead club Speakeasy. 

In our opinion, Good Omen would not be complete without a dog friendly patio, (stay tuned for the presence of goats at future locations). Live music is something we would never want to be without, so we will also have a stage and area for you to bust out your own personal choice of dance moves.  We hope to have comedy on the stage and, on some nights, community debates about topics that are important to Escondido.

We have our licenses, the permits are in with the city, but yes...there were delays. Yet every day we get closer to these dreams being a reality. We genuinely do hope when our doors are open, 141 will be a positive presence in our local community, and an influence in the mead industry.

Given that our lease started October 2019, why aren't we open yet?

Given that our lease started October 2019, why aren't we open yet?  A series of unfortunate events, alas.  Our initial 3-way partnership with the distillery and brewery experienced some issues in September, and then very shortly thereafter the founder's home life dramatically changed when he became the amazed and overwhelmed dad of two new foster daughters (who are now 11 and 15, and are pre-adoption) - he took off a few months to make sure they adjusted to their new permanent home, planning on picking things back up in late January.

Late January - when his wife, an assistant professor at UCSD medical school as a zoonotic virologist, had been telling him about this new coronavirus that was going to be shutting down the planet for a while.

By the time Brian got the home ready for a potential pandemic, and reached back out to clients to shore up the career he's leaving (to make sure bills kept being paid) the banks had frozen all loans to restaurants, breweries, and wineries, the city of Escondido had more or less shut down the city government, and the lockdown made servicing a new loan (for construction) for an indefinite period of time a questionable activity.  But!  We still kept making honey wine and mead!  The plans are all in to the city now!  And construction has started!  So now...November?

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