Good Omen Style

Honey Wine

Our honey wines are created through a single fermentation process. Utilizing the sugar from honey to produce a higher alcohol content beverage (abv 12-15%) with low residual sugar, meaning a smoother drink without the heavy sweetness that used to define mead. Barrel aged for 6-18 months, they travel to our tap and are enjoyed as a traditional style wine. 


Our reserve meads are created with our highest alcohol content through a double fermentation process. From their first round of fermentation in the tank, they are inoculated with a sherry yeast and then and aged in barrels for 9-36 months. Ending with abv of 17% or higher, the rich depth of flavor in each reserve develops intrinsically over time, in bottle or barrel, in our house or yours. The exclusive releases from each label are meant to be to be sipped neat, on the rocks, or mixed into a cocktail.



Mead & Specialties

Our session meads and specialties are made with a single fermentation and always available on tap. Although certain labels will be sweet, they are made with less sugar in order to achieve a lower alcohol content. These meads can be made with just honey, or with fruit, herbs and spices added during fermentation to create a variety of flavors and colors., including a line of lemonades, herbal mead teas, and Arnold Palmer style blends. Whether its by the glass or shared in a pitcher, these meads are  made to be consumed like a craft beer or cider, perfect for long nights or adventurous days. 

In Production

First Harvest: Eden

Crafted on the Fall Equinox 2019, Eden is our first made Good Omen mead. The 2017 buckwheat honey was deep and rich in color and flavor from the high rain and hot summer that growing season in Temecula, Notes of caramel  and toasted cherry smooth into a finish of burnt sugar, reminiscent of the subtle sweetness of At 15.5% abv, Eden is our first release of reserve.

Release Date: April 2020


Second Harvest: Resurrection

Created on the Winter Solstice 2019, A mix of 2018 buckwheat honey and 2018 citrus honey created a sherry style mead that carries the smooth and full flavor of buckwheat, with a very light floral finish common with citrus based honeys. At 17% abv, this mead is to be sipped over ice or mixed into a cocktail.


Release Date: April 2020


Third Harvest: Doctor's Orders

Made with buckwheat honey harvested in fall 2018. The honey from this season was lighter in essence and flavor, creating a mead with delicate taste and a quiet, subtle sweetness. With an abv of 15.5% this mead is made to be enjoyed as a traditional style honey wine. 

Release Date: April 2020

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