Good Omen

The People


Many moons ago, Brian LaMere tasted his buddy's home crafted mead and knew he wanted to begin making his own. Just like any other craft maker, his garage (and closets, and laundry room, sometimes bathtub...) were utilized for experimentation. Eventually, after the honey buckets collected, and the compliments for the smooth taste and balanced flavor of his mead accumulated, he began to question if owning a meadery was in his future. A motorcycle accident pushed those plans back a few years, but this allowed him to begin working with Marie.


Marie has a background in marketing and business management from her time spent on the east coast of this country, yet never felt comfortable as part of the corporate machine. So she ran away to Southern California. Since April 2018, they have been working together, collecting research, creating mead, and planning for the opening of Good Omen Mead.  Marie is on sabbatical for the moment, but hopefully will be back in the fold soon!

The Meadery


After years of dreaming and a few thousand gallons of honey and water, Good Omen Mead is less than a year away from officially having doors to open. These will be swanky doors and they will be located at 141 Grand Avenue in Escondido. The space - 141 - will also offer craft beer options and a kitchen that specializes in tapas. You heard that right! Mead, beer, liquor, homemade sodas and what will be North County's best tapas! Mead will be produced in house with all production on the lower level. The patio will have dogs and the entertainment will be one of a kind, with some non-traditional creature comforts available inside. 

The Mead


Each batch of Good Omen Mead begins with a celestial event. Our harvest meads are created every Solstice and Equinox. Meteor showers, eclipses, and full moons are never ignored, and seem to us like perfectly logical reasons to start a new batch of mead.  The honey in our mead is selected with respect to our bees, beekeepers, mother nature and her hives, The complex flavor of raw honey varies by vintage and variety, influenced by the weather of each seasons and location of the hives. Ingredients are selected based upon what will enhance the unique characteristics the honey. More information about our Good Omen meads including our current selection and how you can purchase your own can be found here.

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Coming Soon to Escondido, California